Alliance For Multispecialty Research

The Alliance for Multispecialty Research, LLC is a nation-wide network of 12 regional Clinical Research Centers recognized as among the most experienced in the industry. AMR acknowledges the importance of multi-site coordination using our integrated processes. This allows us to maximize economies of scale and consistency to exceed Sponsor goals ahead of schedule and under budget.

About AMR

The Alliance for Multispecialty Research, LLC (“AMR”) is a fully integrated network of clinical research sites that performs clinical research trials to support pharmaceutical companies in developing new drugs. Founded in 1994, the Alliance for Multispecialty Research served as the hub for an alliance of high-quality research sites that wished to share marketing, business development and best practices for clinical research. AMR staff provided business development and marketing for the alliance members, and in certain cases provided central budgeting and contracting for studies utilizing multiple AMR sites. Most of the sites adopted the same or complimentary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), trial management software, and best practices for research, and collaborated on multi-site projects. In 2016, 12 of the members, representing 19 locations, agreed to merge their businesses into a single limited-liability company. Three other sites (Rochester Clinical ResearchMedisphere Medical Research Center, and Baptist Health Center for Clinical Research) elected to remain legally independent, but agreed to align operations, continue to share marketing and business development, and work cooperatively with AMR. The affiliate sites bring value to AMR due to their strong reputation and experience within the industry (over 72 years cumulative), a hospital network of physicians adding greater than 350,000 potential subjects to the recruitment database pool, and additional team members involved with the integration business development force.

AMR differentiates itself from its competitors with:

  • Dedicated research centers with a large volunteer database
  • Broad therapeutic range in research experience
  • Extensive roster of Principal Investigators and specialists
  • Standardized study budget and contracts
    • The ability for clients to contract with a single entity, and rely on that entity to train, recruit, and collect & report data
  • Quality management plan with dedicated staff ensuring the highest level of quality data for our Sponsors and CROs
    • Better quality data than typical sites.  Specialization, expertise, systems, and reproducible scientific results
  • Ability to use either local or central IRB’s
  • Exception (and ongoing) Training and Skill Certification
    • GCP training and investigator certification
    • Formal HIPAA compliance programs
    • Applicable industry certifications and licensures