Patient Recruiter


The Clinical Study Center has been conducting clinical research trials in Fort Myers for more than 40 years. We are seeking candidates for an addition to our patient recruiting staff.

General Position Description for Patient Recruiter
• Screening new volunteers for clinical trial participation.  Use our CC CTMS database to identify potential appropriate subjects.  Follow up on individuals who respond to our patient recruiting tactics to screen them for potential study participation.
• Be familiar with inclusion and exclusion criteria for each protocol and purpose of the protocols.
• Take a careful history while screening subject to determine appropriateness of patient with the IRB approved screen tool.
• Review subjects pertinent past medical history to determine eligibility.
• Review with volunteer current medications to determine if they are exclusionary.
• Assess volunteer's interest and willingness to commit to the course of the trial.
• Review subject history with MD or study coordinator as needed.
• Be aware of the timeline for enrolling subjects and the enrollment goal for each study.
• Be aware of amendments as they affect enrollment criteria for each trial.
• Learn the medication categories that may be excluded in the protocol.
• Schedule new patients appropriately to meet any protocol requirements for time of visit.
• Meet with clinical operations director and COO weekly to set goals for enrollment.
• Complete NIH training for human subject assurance 

Work with study coordinators and clinical operations director to achieve recruitment goals for each study.

Work experience and Education requirements:
• Experience working with people and comfortable with telephone based marketing
• Some medical, healthcare or office clinical experience preferred
• Basic computer skills required
High School diploma required, some post high school education/certification preferred

Working hours can be flexible and may include some early evening hours.


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