Resistant hypertension is high blood pressure that does not respond well to aggressive medical treatment. Hypertension is considered resistant when all of the following are true:

  • Someone is taking three different blood pressure medications at their maximally tolerated dose
  • One of the blood pressure medications is a diuretic (removes fluid and salt from the body).
  • Blood pressure remains above goal (usually 130/80 mmHg)
  • If hypertension requires four (4) or more medications to be controlled, it is also called resistant hypertension



The Study

The study drug is designed to target aldosterone, a hormone that helps regulate blood pressure in the body. The aldosterone pathway, which produces aldosterone, is sometimes targeted by hypertension medications to help lower blood pressure. However, aldosterone may increase again even if you are taking medications, potentially increasing blood pressure. When medications no longer help control your blood pressure, this is called treatment-resistant hypertension.

 The study drug is designed to work with your current medications to reduce aldosterone and to help manage your hypertension.


Qualified Participants

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Taking hypertension medications on a regular basis
  • Must meet additional criteria


If Qualified & you Participate you will Receive;

  • Study-related care at no cost
  • Insurance is not required
  • Compensation for time and travel is available

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